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Bi-Drum Water Tube Fbc Steam Boiler

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  • Steam Generation Capacity 6 TPH to 50 TPH
  • Working Pressure69 Kg/cm2
  • Super Heater Steam Temp.:490° C

Salient Features:

  • Bi-Drum Water Tube Steam Boiler design, which is highly acclaimed ail over ward for it's reliability of performance & sturdiness.
  • Water Wall 2½" size Tubes are spaced 1" apart. This provides larger volume of Water in our Furnace Walls and contributes to a faster load response. In addition, our uniquely designed Drum internals can handle varying loads without circulation disruptions on carry over.
  • Furnace Wall Water Cooling includes side walls & roof, eliminating Refractory and its attendant Maintenance.
  • Gas tight setting Membrane provides the gas tight setting, which eliminates dew - point sulfur corrosion and outages caused by gas, leak Par's Membrane Panels use larger diameter Tubes and Small Membrane spacing which provides the best combination of heat Veneer efficiency & Maintenance accessibility.
  • Drum Internals provides high Steam purity and ensure positive circulation.
  • Soot Blowers are properly located for effective convection Bank cleaning.
  • Furnace inBed Cooling Coil: In Bed Tube material is BS:3059 Gr.360 Seamless, utilises higher dia, i.e. 63.5mm OD Tubes for better Thermal Storage & response.
  • Fluidising Air Nozzles are made up to CI with Chrome & Nickel, which provide very good heat & abrasive resistance.
  • Direct in Bed Feeding System: Firing is neither Under Bed, nor Over Bed but directly in the Bed. This arrangement make it possible to use wide range of Solid Fuel.
  • Larger diameter Steam Drum with effective Drum Internals ensure dry steam at Drum outlet.
  • Pressurised Economiser & Air Pre Heater are provided for better Waste Heat Recovery and to increase the overall Thermal Efficiency of the Boiler, (Pressurised Economiser is supplied only incase of high pressure Steam Boiler)
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