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4 Pass, Single Drum 100% Water Tube FBC Steam Boiler

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  • FuelCoal Dust, Lignite Dust, Saw Dust, Bio-Mass, Wood Chips, Agro-Waste, Rice Husk, GN Shell, DOC , Mustered Stalk, Cotton Stalk, Coffee Waste, Spice Waste Dust, Empty Palm Fruit Bunches (EPFB), Spent Bleach Earth (SBE) , Baggase
  • Steam Generation Capacity0.5 TPH up to 25 TPH
  • Working PressureUpto 30 Kg/Sq.Cm.

Salient Features:

  • 4 Pass design, ensures better heat utilisation & ultimate thermal efficiency.
  • Fluidised Bed Combustion furnace ensures very high combustion efficiency, up to 95% even with fuel, having very high ash & fine contents and having very low calorific value.
  • Straight tube in generating bank enables manual cleaning & easy inspection.
  • The rectangular headers are of welded type box headers with individual opening against each tube at both ends of generating bank. Hence, for cleaning & maintenance of any single tube only single door cap, weighing just 1.5 kg has to be opened.
  • Larger tube diameter in generating bank, i.e. 76.2 mm OD, enables easy manual cleaning.
  • Intermediate tube supports in the generating bank, which prevents tube sagging contributes to higher boiler life.
  • Wide gap in tube spacing i e. 160 mm pitch, prevents inter tube space plugging by soot deposition, which permits trouble free operation without external cleaning as clogging of tube space with soot does not take place.
  • Free floating front header takes care of longitudinal thermal expansion. Hence, thermal stresses are not developed during heating. This design enhances boiler life too.
  • Man hole opening at both sides of the drum for easier access to drum internals.
  • Larger diameter drum coupled with drum internal steam separators ensures dry steam even at full main steam valve opening.
  • Moderately larger furnace area and higher free board height, above grate, makes the boiler capable to burn low grade, high volatill3 & ash contained solid fuel efficiently without reducing rated steam generating capacity.
  • No inventory of spares, since nothing special is employed which is necessary to be procured urgently from us or which is not available in the free market.

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