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Multi Solid Fuel Fired Small Industrial Boiler (SIB)

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  • Steam Generation Capacity: 100 Kgs/hour to 700 Kgs/hour
  • Working Pressure: Up to 7 Kg/Sq.Cm.

Salient Features:

  • It is designed & manufactured under IBR inspections and dully approved by IBR. It means that the Boiler is guaranteed by a third party for I quality, reliability of performance and its ultimate safety.
  • Even if boiler is IBR approved there is no need to employ 2nd class toile attendant. Only matriculate fellow is eligible to run the boiler.
  • The boiler is required to be offered for open & hydraulic test inspection once in 2 years, to Boiler Inspector..
  • Boiler is a combination of Smoke Tube & Water Tube technology.
  • Membranes Water wall external furnace makes use of direct radian o heat from furnace.
  • Being an external membranes wall furnace, boiler is very much suitably for fuel like Lignite / Agro waste / Wood etc. With an option of FBC furnace, cheaper fuel like Saw Dust can be used, which is other impossible to be used in hand fired boiler.
  • High thermal efficiency of 75 % ±2 % can be obtained, with hand firing With an option of FBC system with a Micro Processor Based fuel feed - & combustion air pre heater, efficiency unto 87 % +1-2 % can obtained.
  • Though approved by IBR, one can enjoy all freedom of a Non IBR Boil-and still meets the mandatory requirements, pertaining to safety.
  • Pay back period of the new boiler plant, against an Oil fired boiler, is less than 6 Months.,

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