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Multi Solid Fuel Fired, 4 Pass, Vertical Thermic Fluid Heating System

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  • Fuel: Coal, Lignite, Rice Husk, GN Shell Husk, Saw Dust (Wood Chips), DOC
  • Capacity: 4 Lacs K-cal/hour to 30 Lacs K-cal/hour
  • Maximum Temp: 300° C
  • Special Design up to 360° C Temp Available
  • Oil Fired Thermo packs are also offered.

Salient Features:

  • 4 Pass Design ensures better heat utilisation & Ash separation.
  • With Fluidised Bed Combustion furnace design, very high Thermal Efficiency of 80%+-2% can be achieved.
  • Automatic Mechanised screw fuel feeding makes fuel feeding OFF & ON when set temperature is achieved & reduced, respectively.
  • Micro Processor Based V/F fuel feed drive is used to adjust the rate of fuel feeding as per Plant load requirement.
  • Most of the Solid Fuels, including Crushed Coal / Lignite / Agro waste / DOC / Saw Dust can be used in this system.
  • Large size Air Pre-Heater / Water ,Pre-Heater, reduces dry flue gas losses and improves the Waste Heat Recovery and increases combustion Air Temperature.
  • Radiant Coils installed directly on FBC Furnace makes maximum utilisation of Furnace radiation heat.
  • Mechanical Dust Collector arrests the fly Ash from Flue gas, before exhausting to Chimney.
  • Ash collection pit is provided below convective coils.

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