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At PAR, Quality is not a Credo, It is an obsession that is reflected in our people, our procedures and of course our products. We do under take the tailor made Fabrication Job under IBR, ISO-R831 and ASME code. Our Quality ASSURANCE System has also been designed to fulfill various requirements of any third party inspecting / designing authority Stage wise strict quality checks are performed as per Quality Assurance Plan document. Our shop floor engineers have experience in Boiler under IBR & ISO R831 codes and also in heavy Fans / Blowers design & mfg. under prevalent codes.

To further ensure that the products of PAR TECHNO-HEAT PVT. I.TD. distinguish from others, we have set up a stringent quality control process to ensure that our clients face no trouble whatsoever with our product and services and reliability. Each of these measures is aimed at maintaining the highest quality standards during manufacturing and providing total services to our client for years together.


We have stage wise internal inspection procedure when product is in manufacturing at every stage to comply with the specifications.


Our Welders are qualified for single side full penetration welding of Radiographic Quality and our welders are qualified as Below. Our welders are approved by IBR Inspector and other Third Party Inspector.


Strict maintenance of stage wise inspection reports, specification of materials used, dimensions of machined component p, setups of welded joints, NDT tests, Hydrostatic tests and overall dimensional reports.

Various destructive test like tensile, bend etc... are being carried out at well-known approved laboratories like Test well Laboratories, Anup Engineering Ltd., etc.. Non-destructive test like RT, PT, MT, etc... are being carried out by qualified level 2/3 personnel, approved by third Party.


We have supplied complete FBC 4 Pass Single Cross Drum Water Tube Steam Boilers, Packaged Steam Boilers to our clients in Paper Industries, Edible & Non Edible Oil and Refinery Industries, Textile Industries, Drugs & Pharmaceutical Industries, Food Processing & Dairy Industries, directly and also through reputed Project Consultant. List

  • Some of Our Business Partners (Suppliers & Services Providers)
      Fans & Accessories PAR / Laxmi / Universal / Ricon / Engicon / PAT Fans
      Feed Pumps KSB / Johnson / Grandfoss / M&P / CRI / Sulzer
      VFDs Yaskawa / Delta / ABB / Schneider / Allen Bradley
      PLC Allen Bradely / Schneider / Phoenix / ABB / Siemens
      Insulation LRB / Mineral wool
      Refractory IS:6 / IS:8
      Motors Crompton Greaves / Siemens /ABB / Kirloskar / Bharat Bijlee
      Control Panel PAR Approved Vendors.
      Dust Collection Equipments PAR
  • Valves, Mounting & Fittings
      Safety Valve Brightech / Darling Muesco / Moorco / Tyco Sanmar / Fainzer Leser
      Solenoid Valves Asco / Indfoss / Rotex / Manik
      Control Valves Brightech / Mascot / Spirax / Pneucon / Darling Muesco
      Blow Down Valves Levcon / Sharp / Prime
      IBR Valves KSB / AUDCO / UniKlinger / Prime / Sharp
      Non IBR Valves Prime / Sharp / Uttam / Atam
      Steam Traps & NRV Spirax / UniKlinger / Greaves / Prime / Sharp
  • Instrumentation & Controls
      Electronics Transmitter ABB / Rosemount / E&H / Equivalent
      Pressure Gauges H-Guru / Waika / Gluck / F-ebig
      Level Gauges Levcon
      Temperature Gauges Waika
      Fuses Siemens / L&T / ABB / EE / BCH
      Contactors Siemens / L&T / ABB / EE / BCH / TC
      Relays Siemens / L&T / ABB / EE / BCH / TC
      Indicating Lamps / Push Esbee / Kaycee / Rishabh / Siemens 
      Buttons Teknik / Equivalent
      DP Transmitter ABB / Rosemount / E&H / Equivalent
      Controllers ABB / Moore / Siemens / E&H / Equivalent
      Thermocouples Rays / Std
      Level Switched Levcon / BCH / Siemens / Equivalent
      Pressure Switches Switzer / Indfoss
      Alarm Annunciates MIMIC / IIC / Equivalent
      Orifice Plates Starmesh / GIC
      IP Converter Bells / Moore / ABB / CG / Std
      Multipoint Temp. Indicator Selectron / Multispan / Equivalent
      Cables CCI / Inceb / Thermopad / BIS Approved
      TI / TIC Selectron / Multispan / Equivalent
      U Tube Manometer Std
  • Welding
      Welding Consumables Advani Orlicon / D & H / Modi / Raajratna
      Radiography Services Gujarat Radiography / United Heating /  X-Ray Tech / Well-known agency under IBR-1950
      Dish Ends Anup / Steelfit / Metal / IBR Approved Agency
      Testing Anup / Met-Heat / IBR Approved Agency
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